Constant Craving

Windows (Mobile) Web-Sites Are for Beta Geeks Only

When I bought Lumia 640 XL I found an array of Windows-related websites with a focus on mobile. Now there are shortcuts to about a dozen of those in my browser. I am also subscribed to a few on Twitter. After two months I can honestly say that Windows (mobile) related websites are for geeks who are testing alpha and beta versions of Windows 10 Mobile whose release date nobody knows for sure.

All I wanted was and still is to learn about new apps, updates to old ones, hints, and hacks of dealing with Windows Phone. For now, the latest stable released version of Windows Phone is 8.1. Yet you will find practically nothing, maybe only in passing, about the operating system that most Windows-powered phones run on.

Every Windows mobile related website is full of Windows 10 Mobile news, discussions of every patch and every bug, information on Universal applications, some of which are not even intended for 8.1, and a constant stream of release/update news on Windows 10 Mobile apps. All of these sites are Windows 10 geekery paradise.

Certainly, while everybody is waiting for the 10 Mobile final release (predicting that it will be as buggy as any of the beta releases) not many developers might be interested in polishing the existing Windows Phone applications or developing new ones. The problem is that judging by all those sites alone there is no Windows Phone 8.1 anymore, and everybody has already moved on to Windows 10 Mobile. But when you take ordinary users who buy all those budget-priced Lumias you will see good old 8.1, stable and running smoothly.

Wouldn’t it be nice to find a website that lives not only in the foggy future but in the bright present as well, that picks and rates the best in the current selection of applications, provides info and compares existing phone models, shares the best of experiences with the models and OS used by the silent majority? It surely would and if you happen to know of such a website, please let me know. I’ll add it to my browser shortcuts to be able to read about reality instead of constant craving.

Websites about Windows


Any thoughts?

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