The Media and Their Tech-Pets

I’ve been hearing about a big Huawei announcement at the coming IFA in Berlin. Since Microsoft has practically abandoned its Lumia branch and can do nothing about the app gap I was kind of looking towards Android again and Huawei has one of the most enticing offers. I was just wondering if they could come forward with a model that would combine the Mate 8 front design, the two cameras from P9 with the P9 Plus size and maybe even the Android purity of Nexus 6P in one brick. They didn’t but my story is not about what Huawei did or did not present at IFA. My story is about the tech media that are favourable towards flagships and certain manufacturers only.

All this time in that hot summer that I was waiting for the Huawei announcement I had to scroll down on zillions of Samsung Galaxy 7 and Note 7 announcements, reviews, and articles of admiration. Look, where all the admiration is now with Note 7 going boom. Luckily Apple’s presentation is a month away from now and I don’t yet have to scroll down on double that amount of announcements, reviews, and articles of admiration sans reservations about iPhone 7.

Surely, other brands are unevenly but somewhat represented in the same tech media. However, they are sort of all those semi-legal migrants that penetrated the posh world of Apple and Samsung. (Sorry, Sony, you look like you’ve lost the desire to live. Sorry, a bunch of European brands, you are now suspiciously only cover-ups for Chinese factories.) Speaking about Huawei, in particular, its P9 model did make it to the tech media. I suppose it only happened due to its flagship quality.

Now comes IFA. September 2nd is long gone and I still see no news about any Huawei announcements on The Verge. Huawei made it to The Verge frontpage, even twice, but all two pieces are about two new colours of the P9 that is not new in itself. They might call it design admiration, I call it bullshit tech journalism.

Recode is all about Note 7. This is consistent with The Verge since both publications belong to the same Vox Media holding. But you would imagine that guys at Vox Media would at least try to somehow differentiate two similar sites if they so want to keep them both alive.

Only Android Central did post a piece on Huawei’s new phones amid the same zillion of pieces on what to do with your exploding Note 7. To be completely honest I even had to check Google News and found several reviews of new Huawei phones – all in Russian tech media. It would take a whole new research to try and explain that. Maybe Western media is still biased towards Huawei or considers it rather cheap and lame, while for the Russian market it gives flagship qualities for an affordable price and hence is more welcome than those models that the foreign media are crazy about.

Anyway, I am hugely disappointed in The Verge and their obsession with Samsung. They have every right to write about what they like better or prefer or were paid to write about. But I cannot consider it independent or well-rounded and quality tech media. It has nice looks just like Russian state television looks nice. But when you know what sort of news they are reporting and in what manner you prefer to run fast and away from that. I haven’t known before last night that I might have to run away from The Verge.

Huawei Ascend D1 U9500
Huawei Ascend D1 U9500

Any thoughts?

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